We believe in the power of insects to sustainably feed the world

We make healthy animal feed, without wrecking the planet.


We transform food waste into high-protein insect feed for the aquaculture and livestock industries.


Our Mission

Intensive farming is the most damaging activity mankind has ever invented. 4 million hectares of rainforests are destroyed each year to make space to grow soy crops. Mainly to provide enough protein to feed the animals we humans then eat. Fish are also widely used as protein feed for fish farming contributing to overfishing and the degradation of marine habitats.

It’s madness. Insects are the natural food for these animals. The insect-based feed we produce is superior to traditional protein sources and we are able to make it efficiently and without harming our planet.

Our mission is to halt the degradation of land and sea, and in time, return intensive farmland back to the wild.

About Us

Nature does not believe in waste, neither do we.
— Keiran Olivares Whitaker, Founder & CEO



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Maximum nutritional value. Minimal environmental impact.

Insects are rich in protein and are a natural component of the diets of many fish and free-range poultry.

Our technology is significantly more efficient at producing protein than traditional methods of production as our insects are vertically farmed and not restricted to floor space or area.

Thanks to our automated system we can produce at industrial scale and offer farmers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to soymeal and fishmeal.

Our product



High-protein insect feed

We produce nutritional and sustainable insect feed for aquaculture and livestock.


Food waste management

We offer an efficient waste management service to farmers and food processors.