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Sustainable protein

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Like humans, animals need protein in order to grow. But the protein that livestock are fed typically comes from either soya which is causing mass deforestation, or from fish caught from oceans that are already drastically overfished. The production and sourcing of this protein is having catastrophic effects on the environment, creating habitat-loss, dead zones in the sea and significantly increasing global greenhouse gas emissions. By enabling wide-spread adoption of insect protein as a sustainable alternative to soy and fishmeal, we can help feed the Earth's animals, without destroying the natural world.



"Making the world a better place"
"Fuelling a more sustainable food chain"
"Revolutionizing the way we feed animals"
"Innovative business turning trash to cash"

Our modular system.

Insects naturally convert waste organic matter into protein as they eat and grow. But we're using technology to bring world-leading efficiencies to the process. Our modular, environmentally controlled and automated indoor system allows farmers to create sustainable insect protein from organic waste, anywhere in the world, and 365 days a year.


Defend the natural world.

An area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every second, with most of this land used to grow crops for animal feed. By offering a sustainable alternative protein source to soy and fishmeal with which to feed animals, we hope to bring an end to the destruction of the natural world. Our vision is to see intensive cropland returned to the wild for the benefit of our earth and the future generations who will inherit it.