Our Mission

Our mission is to halt the degradation of land and sea, and in time, return intensive farmland back to the wild. Farming is the most damaging activity mankind has ever invented. The current system is completely dependent on protein from dwindling fish stocks and land intensive soya to produce the animals we humans eat.

The inefficiencies that occur as a result of this broken system are having massive economic, social and environmental impact and will only worsen, with an anticipated 70% increase in global demand for meat and fish by 2050.

We believe that insect feed is the future for farming. The insect we farm is nutritionally superior to soyabean meal and comparable to fishmeal, whilst being unaffected by growing environmental issues such as drought or dwindling supply.



Amount of agricultural land already used for animal production



Amount marine fish stocks have collapsed since the '70s



Hectares of rainforest destroyed each year for the production of soya