Nature does not believe in waste, and neither do we

We believe in the power of insects to sustainably feed the world



Entocycle combines nature with high-tech engineering to rapidly transform organic waste into high-value protein.


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"Amazing young entrepreneurs"

"Amazing young entrepreneurs"

"Revolutionizing the way we feed animals"

"Revolutionizing the way we feed animals"

"Pioneering a process"


Nature's most efficient bio-converters

Hermetia illucens, commonly known as Black Soldier Fly (BSF), are nature’s apex bio-converter. They are veracious consumers of a wide range of organic waste and are able to rapidly transform it into insect biomass (larvae), with a high protein and lipid value.



Insect-based protein

We produce high-quality, sustainable insect protein for aquaculture and livestock.


Food waste management

We offer a super-efficient waste management service to farmers and food processors.


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